Interior + Exterior Detail

Interior + Exterior Detail

A Combination of our interior and exterior detail for that complete show room look

passion for cars - Deluxe Detailing

Interior & Exterior Detail includes;


  • Disinfect and protect all interior surfaces;
  • Vacuum carpet, seats, floor mats, and trunk;
  • Clean gauges, centre console and cupholders;
  • Wipe down leather/vinyl seats;
  • Clean all interior windows.


  • Gentle hand wash;
  • Clay bar;
  • One step machine polish;
  • Premium wax application;
  • Remove brake dust from rims;
  • Tire shine application.

Why Us

Passionate about cars

Deluxe Detailing was born out of a life-long passion for all things cars, from classics to luxury, and everything in between. To us, detailing isn’t simply about just cleaning cars, it’s about restoring vehicles to their top quality and bringing longevity to your investment.

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